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Nishant Sharma:比特币挖矿与比特大陆的过去现在及将来

摘 要:“ 比特大陆将继续开发最节能和高速的比特币矿机,并投资各种有前途有展望的项目”


-Guest info-

Nishant Sharma

Head of PR Community Relations of Bitmain

Host:今天采访之前,首先给大家介绍一下今天的主持人——BY company副总裁Emily。Emily曾是韩国最大的区块链加密社区Cobak的营销总监,曾担任 Deconomy(Deconomy以其全球去中心化经济论坛而闻名)顶级品牌Peer的营销人员。目前,Emily已成为晋升为BYcompany的副总裁,B&Ycompany也已跃升为韩国国内区块链市场营销公司。

Before we start, I would like to introduce Vice president of BY Company, So-jeong Byeon who will be our host for the interview today

. So-jeong’s English name is Emily so I will just call her Emily. Emily was a marketing director at Cobak, Korea’s largest Blockchain/Cryptocurrency community. She also served as a marketer at Peer, an established brand in Deconomy which is a well-known forum for distributed economy. Now, She is the Vice president of BY Company which is taking a leap forward to become a leading blockchain marketing company in Korea.


Im honored to host an interview with you and already get ready forthe questions! ??

Thank you again forthe interview preparation again! Let me start with few questions of you,Nishant! Tell us a bit about yourself. When and how did you first enter the Bitcoinindustry?


I entered the Bitcoinindustry in 2014, when I joined a Shenzhen-based Bitcoin startup calledBitCrane, which was one of the few legit AISC miner makers back then. Duringthe Bitcoin bear market of 2015, just like majority of the ASIC mine makersback then, we had to close shop because we couldn’t keep up with the risingdifficulty of the Bitcoin network and other challenges that prevented us frommaking a profit. I had long received positive feedback about Bitmain’s productsfrom BitCrane’s customers, had followed Bitmain’s progress as a competitorsince some time now and found my calling in the fast Bitcoin industry – so Ireached out to Jihan, who has previously approached BitCrane to collaborate,and joined Beijing-based Bitmain in beginning of 2016.


Got it. Then nextquestion, you seem to take on various roles at Bitmain. How would you describeyour role at Bitmain?

Nishant:是的。我在BitMain Technologies控股公司担任各种职务,从产品营销到公关和社区关系,并为公司的各种业务提供咨询服务。 我工作重点是社区关系,与比特大陆提品和服务的各种加密货币社区保持联系。同时,比特大陆对继续给开发人员、团队、项目提供开源资料,同时我也负责管理这一块。

Yes, I take on various roles for BitMain Technologies Holding Company – from product marketing to public and community relations and also advising various businesses of BitMain Technologies Holding Company. The focus of my role is community relations, where I maintain dialogue with various cryptocurrency communities that BitMain provides products and services for, and managing BitMain’s continuous donations to innumerous open-source developers/teams/projects.


You cover whole general business sector of BitMain and even experienced product marketing as well. That is impressive. I couldnt agree more of the importance of community when it comes to not just the cryptocurrency market but all of rising and new industry.


Haha, thanks. I guess many here are familiar with taking on multiple roles in startups in this new industry.


There are where early adopters and investors exchange their information, insights and trends of the market. OKAY, lets move on the practical questions regarding BitMain!

There is popular opinion that BitMain owns 80% of the Bitcoin/BitcoinCash mining hardware market share and it was reported that BitMain’s product were a reason for a considerable drop in the profits of GPU giant Nvidia. What makes BitMain so successful or competitive?

Nishant:正如我在介绍自己时一样。比特大陆的产品优于任何其他ASIC矿机,其芯片和矿机已被证明是世界上最有效和最可靠的。 除此之外,比特大陆将继续履行其所有承诺,如果由于任何无法控制的因素,它无法履行承诺,那它会为相应的人提供必要的的补偿。用户可以通过查看比特大陆矿机的第三方独立评论来验证这一点。这些评论一般都是好评如潮,与宣传的性能规格一样棒。

As I informed previously while introducing myself, BitMain’s products were just performing better than any other ASIC mine maker’s products. BitMain’s chips and miners have proven to be the world’s most efficient and reliable time and again. Besides that, BitMain continues to deliver on all its promises and if, because of any uncontrollable factors, it cannot do that, it provides fair compensation to those who may have signed up for anything relating to those promises. You can verify this by checking online third-party independent reviews of BitMain’s miners, which always perform better than or at least as good as advertised performance specs.

Emily:听起来太棒了! 这么详细听来觉得您成为比特大陆主要布道者都是有原因的,因为你们用用户的体验证明了自己。

顺便问一下,很多人抱怨Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash 挖矿会消耗大量的电力,对此您想说什么?

Sounds awesome. There were certain reasons you could be a leading evangelist of BitMains product since its quality has been proved by end-users.

By the way, many complain about Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash mining to be too power-guzzling and a waste of power. What do you have to say about that?

Nishant:当然我也认为环境保护问题上,人类和技术都有各自的。但说比特币挖矿因不环保而受到非难,我认为这种言论并没有什么依据。 首先,比特币挖矿是解决世界上某些地区电力过剩或浪费问题,在这些地区,水力发电大坝生产的电力已经超过了它们连接的电所能消耗的电力。

As much as I believe in the role that humans and technology must play in conserving our environment, I believe that a lot of the criticism that Bitcoin mining receives for not being environment-friendly is not based on solid arguments. First, Bitcoin mining is a solution to the problem of excess or wasted electricity in parts of the world where power sources, such as hydroelectric-power dams, produce more electricity than the grid that they are connected to can consume.

其次,电力不能像互联上的数据一样跨境运输。 受国境和地区界限以及基础设施限制,运输电力存在物理限制。比特币挖矿能给能源富足的地方带来经济效益,但在能源匮乏的地方并非如此。能源富足和匮乏的地方并没有互相连接,所以如果不把那些过剩能源消耗掉,也只能浪费。因为也无法把多余的电力运输到能源不足的地区。

Second, electricity cannot be transported across borders like data on the internet. There are physical limitations to this because of the established state boundaries and infrastructural limitations. Bitcoin mining only makes economic sense in parts of the world that are energy-rich and not in parts that are energy-deficient. These parts are not connected. If the excess energy from on part is not used by Bitcoin mining or by anything, this energy would not be transported to the world’s energy-deficient areas.


Thirdly, the total amount of energy expended (and how it is generated) is not known or really even knowable, just as it would be difficult to determine the energy expenditure of the conventional global financial system—from the always-lighted buildings to the armored trucks.

最后,BitcoinBitcoin Cash提供了一种减少腐败和增加透明度的替代方案。通过利Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash可解决世界上许多问题,比如,能够解决使非洲贫困人群生活在水深火热中的贫困问题。同时还可让发达资本主义国家更公平的竞争。我认为这是非常宝贵的,是无法明码标价的。

Last but not the least, Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash offer a less corrupt and transparent alternative to the established systems that run the world. Its adoption has the power to wipe out a lot of the world’s problems, from people dying because of poverty in Africa to more fair competition in the developed capitalist countries. I believe that this is invaluable and putting a price-tag on this wouldnt be fair.

Emily:自Bitcoin Cash于2018年8月诞生以来,我们看到一些主要的硬分叉(hard-fork)导致了新的加密货币的出现。您对这种硬分叉有什么看法?

We saw some major hard-forks that resulted in the emergence of new cryptocurrencies ever since Bitcoin Cash came into being in August 2018. What is your opinion on such hard-forks?


I believe that the cryptocurrency industry, even nearly a decade in, is still far too nascent to so quickly sort into viciously doctrinaire camps. Such hard forks are necessary—even vital for more democratized money. I have shared more detailed insights in my article on Payments Source. For those interested in reading them:


I see. Expression of democratized money is the core value of Blockchain and cryptocurrency for the public for the decentralization. We understand that mining for itself has always been a small portion of BitMains business but BitMain is still known as the mining giant. Why is that ?


1. 比特大陆拥有全球最大的矿池。估计有些人不了解矿池的概念,简单解释,它就像一个站服务,全世界矿工们把自己的资源共享到一个池子,互相连接,以获得稳定的收入(我在之前做采访时有提到过)。更详细的内容可参考以下链接:

2. 拥有构建世界上最大数据中心的专业知识,这些数据中心专为加密货币挖掘而设计。比特大陆提供这种服务,建立新的数据中心并给世界各地的投资者提供各种服务。

This is because BitMain:

operates the worlds largest mining pools. Mining pools, for those not familiar with them, are like a web service which miners around the world can connect to to pool in their resources and to get a steadier and certain income. (Ive explained it pools in my recent interview with Technode: the expertise of building some of the worlds largest data centers especially designed for cryptocurrency-mining. BitMain provides this service of building new data centers and maintaining them to investors around the world.


BitMain has announced new plans to advance AI-related new business at the time of IPO preparation. Is there any connection between the data center(answer no.2 of Q6) and the new business? And Is there anything going on internally?

Nishant:非常感谢您的提问!比特大陆于2016年开始研发AI芯片。目前,我们与福建省福州市、中国移动杭州研发中心、中国联通络技术研究院签署了合作协议,同时推出了不同代的神经处理器, 这些产品在东亚最大的云游戏提供商Ubitus等知名科技公司中得到广泛认可。

Thank you for the question! BitMain started working on AI chips in 2016. Currently, we have signed cooperation agreements with the Fuzhou Municipal Government of Fujian Province, China Mobile Hangzhou Research and Development Center, and China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, while rolling out different generations of neural processors, which are fast finding wide acceptance among established tech companies, such as the East Asia’s largest cloud gaming provider Ubitus.

Emily:比特大陆出台了能源效率非常好的新产品,请问比特大陆未来有什么计划?BitMain has released energy-efficient new product. What are BitMain’s plans in this direction?

Nishant:我们打算继续研发更高效的产品。我们最近发布的Antminer S15和Antminer Z11最大化每单位空间的哈希值和每单位哈希值的效率。即将发布的S17的效率将会继续不断得到提升。高效率始终是创新产品的目标,因此我们将继续投资研发更优化的矿机。

We intend to continue to build more efficient products. Our recently released Antminer S15 and Antminer Z11 have maximized hashrate per unit space and efficiency per unit hashrate. The soon-to-be-released S17 will continue to do that even farther. Efficiency in all its forms is always a goal for an innovative product, so we continue to invest in researching and building more optimized miners.


The continuous downturn of cryptocurrency market has depressed crypto-mining industry. But How bigger do you expect the market to be?


This is a good time for the cryptocurrency market to focus on building its products/projects as there will be a filtering out of the not-so-good projects by the market. BitMain continues to develop the most energy-efficient and high-speed Bitcoin miners and invest in various promising projects. BitMain’s recent products, mentioned in the previous answer, continue to set new benchmarks of performance and efficiency, while increasing the security of the cryptocurrency networks that they are designed to mine. I expect the market to continue expanding at a more reasonable pace than we witnessed during the 2017 bubble.


Where do you see the cryptocurrency market heading?


I see it heading to the moon! More seriously, yes my answer to this is the same as the previous one.


Does BitMain have further IPO planning?


We do recognize that despite the huge potential of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, it remains a relatively young industry which is proving its value. We will restart the listing application work at an appropriate time in the future.


What’s next for BitMain?




We plan to continue using cutting-edge technology to build the best products and services that secure the future of a decentralized internet of money. BitMain’s engineering team is determined to leverage the increased complexity of computing to transform it into opportunity for everyone.

For example, BitMain’s Antminer series of miners enables anyone, anywhere to mine and benefit from this internet of money. We continue to fund open-source developers, projects and organizations. For those that we see potential and share our vision, we fund them, often with no strings attached.

For those interested in reading more on this:


Here is the last question. would you like to say something freely to the Korean practitioners in blockchain industry?


It’s what I would tell anybody and what BitMain has long lived by since its inception – never stop learning and doing what you do best. The current bear market is a good time to continue doing what you do best without being distracted by the noise of quick-money options!